See How Replenish Works
Replenish Bottle


Rethink The Bottle

The question is not
why is our bottle empty?
The question is
why are the other bottles full?

  • Out of a normal bottle of cleaner, only 5% is actual cleaner. The rest is plastic and water.
  • Replenish has designed a truly reusable bottle, allowing you to only replace the concentrate pods.

Discover the Benefits

Powerful Cleaner

Our cleaners pass the white glove test.

We want clean on every tile, knob, counter, floor and handle you can find. With 2X the power, our cleaner is proven to out clean every other bottle that sits on the shelf. Replenish is surface friendly, human friendly, dog friendly, planet friendly, nose friendly and everything else friendly.

Saves Money

Save money by saving yourself from spending money on water and plastic.

With Replenish, there’s no waste for unnecessary materials you could just as easily add yourself. Our all-in-one bottle allows you to measure, mix with water, store and spray powerful cleaners using replaceable Concentrate Pods. Replenish saves you money on a per ounce basis and cleans better than the competition on a shine-per-inch basis.

Planet Friendly

Mix Local and have a long-term relationship with clean.

One very durable bottle of Replenish equals countless numbers of bottles kept out of a landfill. Mixing Replenish Concentrate Pods at home uses 90% less plastic, oil and CO2 emissions than pre-mixed cleaners. Replenish not only does windows and counters, it does wonders for your conscience.